Testimonial from Nele & Lukas

of Dresden, Germany

"Dear Ute,

We loved Flo!

Had a cool trip up the Island and really enjoyed staying in the wild.

Thank you so much for this awesome experience :)

Nele & Lukas

PS: Flo is totally approved as a great fellow adventurer by its
​1st renters!!!

Thanks so much for having us as your first customers and the trust you put into us.  You'll be getting lots of great photos ;)"


With extensive personal travel experience, I am happy to help plan your next adventure in a VW Westphalia camper... also known as the Kombi van,
​Westie & Bus. 

— Sincerely, Ute

Mill Bay BC  |  Ute |  (250) 588-7763 

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​​Testimonial of Katie & Adam, Honeymooners from Toronto, Ontario

"Flo's Honeymoon Adventure:

'Over the moon and down the coast.'

September 2015

Over the last two weeks, Flo has been a most remarkable travel companion, a steadfast co-conspirator of intrepid fantasy, a cozy place to call home, and a reliable chariot of dreams and dreamers.

While velocity might not be considered among Flo’s chief qualities, we are reminded that it is always tortoise who stops to ‘smell the roses’ (or roll around in them) that wins the race. In fact, we are reminded there is no race at all, only many roads all with their own wonders.

After a long hike, Flo’s gleaming teal coat was a beacon of success: “We made it!” we would think, when seeing Flo start to peak out between the trees or rocks or the Redlands desert sand.

When we didn’t have an official campsite, we’d pull over somewhere and call it Honeymoon Hotel where we’d sleep soundly for the night. Some nights we’d sleep in sleeping bags under the stars, others in beds, but then we’d be back to Flo again like little kittens curled in a basket of blankets.

But the days of driving! The sights by daylight! We’ve seen it all…

Vancouver island - Coombs, Tofino, Salt Spring Island, over to Olympic Park in Washington, Hoh Rainforest, Cannon Beach, Naffles in Portland, Crater Lake on to California, Mendocino, Wine tasting in Sonoma, San Francisco, Monterey to Big Sur (Check out Tree Bones Resort & Essalen Institute!), Santa Barbara to Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, up North again to Sierra Country, Sacramento to Elton, Oregon, back through Washington and home to Mill Bay … and so much more.

I should note that Ute was tremendously helpful through the journey as well.
Thank you Ute for sharing Flo with us. And Flo! Thank you for being the wheels of a dream."

Katie + Adam Stevenson